Hello and thank you for visiting the PTA page of the website.  The PTA work hard to raise money for the school by holding various events throughout the school year. We value your support with these events throughout the year.

An easy way that we raise money for our school is through a website called easyfundraising. Plaese use this website whilst shopping online.

All you need to do is:-

Visit this website

A new page will appear with a pink box- Click on “Support this cause”

Then sign up. (Ideally, download the App so it’s simple to use.)

Then, each timeyou shop online, click and open up the App, it will load up and you will see at the top a search bar. Type in the retailer. E.G.  Next, Amazon, eBay, Clinique, Jack Wills etc. then the normal webpage for these companies will load up and you shop as normal.

Amazon/ the company you spent money with will then send our school a % of the price you have paid for free automatically.


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