A trip to Ormskirk Town

It was on a cold blustery day in Februrary that the brave and determined children in Year 3 walked into the Ormskirk town centre.  Despite the heavy rain and getting stuck in the mud, the children were not going to let anything deter them from the information they were about to learn.

An hour after departing the school we arrived at the impressive Ormskirk Parish Church. We were met at the entrance by the delightful Mrs Steele, who upon seeing the result of us battling the weather, quicky ushered us inside and put us next to the heaters to warm our hands and feet.

After our bodies thawed out we were taken on the most extraordinary tour of our local church where we discovered that the church is almost 1000 years old, the Earl of Lathom is the church benefactor, his ancestors are buried under the church floor and the actual name of the church is The Church of St Paul and St Peter.

After our church tour we made our way over to the Mcdonald's were we discussed all that we had learnt whist enjoying a well deserved meal.

It was a great day.

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