Stone Age Comes to St Michael's

On Tuesday 29th October, 2019 Mr B, from, wowed the children Year 3 with his amazing Stone Age workshop.  The history of the three periods of the Stone Age as well as the Bronze Age and Iron Age were brought to life in our very own classroom.  The children were able to handle real and replica artifacts including a 30,000 year old mammoth task. Some of the children even exclaimed that if they closed their eyes, while touching the artefact, they could actually picture the mammoth in their heads.

Part of the morning was spent pretending to be real archaeologists on the hunt for interesting items that would tell them more information about the Stone Age and the difference between the Bronze Age and the Iron Age.  Lots of discussion went on between the children as they tried to figure out what it was that they had found and why it might be important.

The final part of the day saw the children going outside to practice hunting and throwing spears just like our Paleolithic ancestors may have done.  We have some very fierce hunters in our class.

It was a fun day for everyone and as a class we learnt so much more.

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