The Chicken Project 2019

On a quiet Monday moring in June, our school had a mystery package arrive.  Inside the package were 10 little eggs. We all stood around wondering what is going to burst of those eggs.  Well, we didn't have long to wait.  Late on Tuesday afternoon, one of the eggs started to pip and before we knew a little chick had sprung out exhausted.  Soon more chicks followed and by the end of the hatching expereience we had a total of 7 chicks.  3 hens and 4 cockrels. 

After spending 24 hours in the incubator, the chicks were transfered to the brooder box where they were kept warm and feed for the next 10 days.  During our time with the chicks in the school, the children were able take part in a number of activites with them.  Some of the activites included, looking at the food they eat, observing them roaming around outside, measuring their hieght using cubes and exploring how chicks develop.

The children loved every minute of their time with the chicks and learnt so much about chicken welfare and growth. At the end of two weeks it was time to say good bye to our chicks as they went to their new home.  A big thank you to Mr Bearon (one of our parents) for taking the chicks to join your household.

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