Dias Los Muertos

An explanation by Katrina and Joni in Year 6

The Day of the Dead is when people have a carnival to remember the death of their relatives. People believe that if their relatives have died they go to the after world which is a colourful and joyful place but if they forget about the relative they will go to the forgotten world which is a very dull and dark place that no one would want to go to. At the carnival there are a lot of sweets and delicious foods, they also do a lot of dancing and singing. Furthermore, they celebrate this in other countries even though it was originated in Mexico.



To celebrate this day, Reception decorated sugar-skull biscuits, Year 1 drew their own Mexican skull, Year 2 did Day of the Dead masks, Year 3 and 5 did Mexican music with Mr Woodward, Year 4 made papal picado,  and Year 6 made Mexican Hot Chocolate, decorated skull masks, paper marigolds and marshmallow skulls.

Have a look at our pictures and videos below to see the end results!

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