Friday 17th March: Showing ourselves and Making a Good Impression

Date: 17th Mar 2023 @ 2:25pm

Now spring has sprung the children are getting the opportunity to spread their wings and get out and about. This ranges from classes going around the school site on walks to spot the signs of spring to classes heading off the school site. In the last 10 days, EYFS have gone to Knowsley Safari Park, Y3 have gone to explore Roman Chester and Y5 have been completing the bikeability course. We also have two residentials in the next few weeks with Y5 off to Lake Windermere and Y4 off to York. I always love it when the children go out on a trip as they come back with lifelong memories and smiles and I also get messages from the public and organisers about how fantastic our school is. Well done to all the children for their excellent behaviour, keep it up!

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